WordPress Development

wordpress-cms-en-280x250Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System (CMS) for most projects that require user friendly, easy to use tools for daily site maintenance. Whether you are a small businesses with modest needs or some of the world’s biggest brands, WordPress has become the dominant platform for maintaining a sophisticated online presence. For what reason? Because it is easy to use and secure. WordPress has a vast plugin technology which enables small and large sites alike to affordably add new features and quickly manage content. With one of the largest developer communities constantly producing new and better technology, you are guaranteed the benefits of an innovation network effect.company-wordpress-theme-300x253

As a newly-registered user, the first theme you deal with is the default theme. Most people want to change or customize it and thus enrich the look and functionality of the website.The good news is that there is an abundance of themes available for WordPress users. Choosing one of them may turn out to be a bewildering experience. Visual design and appearance often make the leading factor of a customer’s choice, but shiny wrapper is not what you should fancy first and foremost. So, let us start with the tips. Decide what the most important aspects of your WordPress website will be. Only you know exactly what you want. Is it going to be a brochure, content managed or e-commerce website? What is going to be displayed on the homepage? How do you want it to look like? Do you need a lot of customization options? wordpress-themeWordPress themes may either have additional functionality (e.g. testimonials, work portfolios, widgets, advanced photo galleries, etc.) included or leave some room of creativity. At first sight, the ‘all-inclusive package’ variant looks fantastic but lets us take a closer look. Such themes have a lot of make-your-WordPress -life-easier features built in, which makes a developer’s life easier. Why? It gives him fewer products to support. But this is not your pain. Your pain comes when you decide to switch your theme because your content is dependent on the functionality of the theme. This can be avoided by adding plugins yourself.