I work with a variety of clients everywhere. I help businesses large and small communicate their ideas through motion content. PD NY DESIGN also offers creative agencies the ability to extend their motion capabilities through creative partnerships. Contact me and let PD NY DESIGN help you build your vision beautifully.

My Process:

Project Management
I will inform you about MY process and guide you through delivery of your project efficiently.


I bring imagination and a unique visual sense to the table and help plan a vision for your ideas.


  • I lay it out for you to see. We work on refining and focusing our combined ideas before I produce your animation.
  • 2D and 3D Animation Design & Production
  • My collaborative vision will determine the animation design methods.


OK, so I can’t create everything from scratch. Sometimes I need actual live video. I have the resources to help.

Linear Video & Audio Editing

I string your story together to create flow, pace and feel.